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Company outline

Greetings from the President

Our commitments for our customers

Recently many customers have been expressing their interest in the Rising Trust Group. We believe this is due to factors such as the unpredictable state of the economy and issues with increasing tax that are making people feel concerned about their future. People seek for a “safe and secure life plan” because it is a time of uncertainties. For this reason we can feel the increase of people belonging from a wide range of age groups switching from saving to investment in order to realize a safe and secure life plan, and attempting to discover new values in apartment management as a form of investment.


We have given much thought regarding what we can do for such customers, and reached the conclusion to take action, which is a the unchanging principle of the Rising Trust Group. In order to fulfill our role as the best partner of our customers for asset formation as well as operations, each individual staff of the Rising Trust Group continues to make effort.


Trust Chintai was established for exclusive intermediary services of Rising place and tenant management. Our purpose is to quickly introduce many tenants, and providing friendly support for tenants with finding rooms. We strive to be a company that serves as a group through comprehensive services, from selling to searching tenants, as well as building maintenance.


As you know, “Trust” in Rising Trust refers to “reliability, credibility”. Above all our priority is to be a corporation that is trusted by our customers, and we intend to continue our endeavors while constantly keeping in mind our feeling of appreciation. We kindly ask for your continued understanding and support.


President Kazutaka Suzuki

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